About Our Kitchener-Waterloo Architecture Office

Facet Design Studio is an award-winning Kitchener-Waterloo architecture office exploring the many facets of contemporary design. We emphasize open communication with each client. By understanding clients’ needs, we can create structures that allow efficient work, interaction, inspiration, and instill a sense of pride in all who enter.

The architects of Facet Design Studio Ltd have a proven history of executing high-value projects. Our work is rooted in design innovations and the successful implementation of architectural deliveries. Innovative and practical; our workflow respects budget and program controls while emphasizing proficient management and production techniques.

Our Process

An area of our architectural expertise is in layout design, where we strive to create beautiful, efficient spaces. Through planning and design, circulation zones are minimized and livable/workable spaces are opened to maximize use. A development project can incorporate many living units within constricted sites or properties — this is but one example of how we prioritize spatial designs for our clients and end users.


As architects, we know there is nothing we can create that is as dynamic and awe-inspiring as nature. We care about how our designs impact the environment, both locally and the world at large. Our team is experienced in designing and implementing sustainable architectural strategies. Environmental goals can be achieved on projects of any scale. By implementing natural building design systems and natural materials we can achieve passive heating and cooling, “heat island effect” minimization, and increased comfort for all users. Elements including natural sunlight, positioning, and orientation can all be employed to maximize the efficiency and environmental goals of your design.

A few of the energy-limiting, sustainable strategies we use to minimize a design’s impact on the environment include:

  • South-facing windows for passive solar gain in winter
  • Solar shades to block summer sun angles 
  • Winter wind-shielding sunken slopes
  • Compartmentalized buildings to limit air-conditioned areas
  • Natural light for occupied spaces (reduces lighting demand)
  • Rooftop rainwater collection systems 
  • Rooftop foliage (energy, roofing membrane, and noise-reduction benefits)
  • Solar panels for clean energy
  • Ventilation chimneys for “staff effect” (release of hot air to draw in cool air)
  • Natural cross-ventilation designs
  • Healthy materials and thermal masses
  • More durable, longer-lasting buildings

Community / Affiliations / Involvement Sustainability Studies

Facet Design Studio’s architecture office is actively engaged with the local community. We organize and participate in events that celebrate, energize, and bring awareness to important landmarks in the city. Some examples are PUMPKINPALOOZA, a Halloween Pumpkin Fest at the historic Victoria Park in Kitchener, Ontario. We belong to several civic-minded organizations, including the heritage boards for Grand River, Grand Valley, and others.

  • OAA
  • Grand River Conservation Authority
  • Passivehouse Canada
  • GVCA
  • Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce
  • Victoria Neighbourhood Association
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